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At Silver Shield Security Our team Security Consultants are second to none in NYC

Facing the challenge of today’s security management, Silver Shield Security LLC is exceptionally prepared to help you solve your security issues with state of the art security solutions and the most knowledgeable team of security consultants in New York City.

We are committed to providing expert supervision, guidance and great insight on your current security problems. Each New York Private Investigator at Silver Shield Security strives to increase overall security awareness through customized strategies.

Our skilled staff of security consultants –who are certified specialists in their fields–, offer wide-ranging security consultancy and risk assessments for public and privately owned businesses of all sizes, adapting security programs to achieve the highest standards of quality. Our security consultants propose security measures that reduce risk and boost safety and we implement them with the best technologies available nowadays.

Silver Shield Security’s status as a top security consultancy is reflected in the full range of services we provide:

  • Security Planning and Management
  • Executive Security
  • Information Security
  • Investigations
  • Security Training
  • And more!

Prevent losses with the finest Security Consultants available in New York City

Most consultancies offer an overwhelming variety of security services, but then they make the mistake of grouping them all in standard packages. Why do that? At Silver Shield Security our security consultants understand that every client is different. Their needs are different, their budgets are different. So why treat them the same?

Over the years, we have worked to build a team of professional security consultants with comprehensive background experience in law enforcement. Our unparallel ethical standards, unbiased business model, extensive knowledge and unmatched technical capabilities guarantee that you’ll receive the right security solutions to accurately and effectively match your needs. Contact us now and our team of security consultants will protect your assets and prevent losses enhancing your current security programs.

If you need Security Consultants, you should work with us because of our…

  • Impartial Approach. Since we are not affiliated with any company, provider or product, our team of security consultants can always ensure objectivity when approaching each of our clients.
  • Customized Strategies. No client is the same, and neither are our strategies. Each security program is tailored to maximize security and minimize risk according to the specifics of every scenario.
  • Affordable Results. If you need to improve security efficiency, look no further. As the best security consultants in NYC we deliver reliable results at a sensitive price, because we adapt to every client.
  • Expert Advice. Our staff not only has worked in many industries over the years, they also have certifiable NYPD experience.
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