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New York Background Checks


Our New York City private investigators conduct thorough background checks, including criminal background, employment history, executive and personal background.

We provide these services for employers, attorneys and individuals.

Background Checks. Have you ever seen a crime show in which the case is solved when a hard-working detective discovers some small fact about a person’s background or history that cracks the case?

That type of detailed background investigation is a specialty of Silver Shield Security. We’re good at it, because we only use skilled police investigators (former NYPD investigators) who have not only been trained in conducting thorough background investigations, but who also have decades of background investigation work. There is no substitute for this type of experience to get the background information that you need.

What can you find in a background check? A great deal! We offer a variety of personal background check services, depending on the depth of information that you need. For example:

  • Address history (sometimes going back decades)
  • Social Security verification
  • State and county criminal check. (Can include offender’s custody status and release date)
  • Warrants
  • Sex offender status
  • Bankruptcies, Debts, Credit History
  • Financial accounts and bank account status
  • Liens and Judgments
  • UCC filings
  • Real property owned, Assets Owned
  • Employee Background Check
  • Work History and Employment History
  • Sources of income
  • Drivers licenses check
  • Professional licenses held
  • Vehicle registrations and vehicles owned
  • Watercraft (boats owned)
  • FAA pilot license and FAA aircraft ownership
  • Voter registration, political affiliations
  • Hunting and fishing permits
  • Concealed weapons permits
  • Relatives and ancestry
  • Reports from neighbors

Criminal Background Checks. For our criminal background checks, we have access to many of the same databases used by federal, and state and local law enforcement agencies. However, for some background checks, such as searching outstanding warrants, we have to comply with federal law and limit restricted your results to the contact name, phone and jurisdiction where a warrant exists. For other searches, such as non-criminal background checks, we often use sources that are less restrictive and allow much more detailed reporting.

Whatever type of background check that you need, whether in New York State, NYC, or any other location, rest assured that we will fight to give you the most information that is allowed by law.

Company background investigations. For company background checks we can get most of the above information as well as getting a detailed business credit report. This will help you to evaluate credit risk and assess overall financial strength of the company.

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