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NYC Private Investigator Services

Our private investigator services include but are not limited to:


Surveillance. We conduct medical malpractice surveillance, spouse surveillance as well as workman’s comp and employee theft investigations. For a complete over view see: New York Surveillance.

Background Checks. We conduct detailed background investigations using some of the same databases use by police and federal investigators. For a more complete overview see: New York Background Checks.

Locating and Escorting Runaways Home

Security Consulting

Event Security

Executive Protection

V.I.P. Protection

Locating Witnesses

Computer Forensics & Investigations: Computer forensics and discovery have been one of our specialties for over a decade. We not only have the technical know how, but also the legal and court experience to maximize your results: Computer Forensics and Discovery

Accident Investigation/Reconstruction Lie Detection/Polygraph Electronic Eavesdropping Detection

Why to chose Silver Shield Security Private Investigators

The advantage in hiring Silver Shield Security as your NYC private investigator firm, is that we use only experienced Investigators and Security Agents. Any staff that we employ is well known to us and we know their work ethics and their qualities and experience firsthand, most likely having worked with them in the NYPD (New York Police Department). The larger NYC firms cannot say that , they sometimes sub-contract 2-3 times and have no idea which investigator team is working on a particular case or security detail.

At Silver Shield Security we take time to consider which of our staff would be the right fit for your specific assignment and deploy accordingly.

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